Woven Paper Bookmarks & Decorations

These delightful bookmarks are not only really easy and low cost, kids love making them. Now that’s always a good thing, right? The beauty with this technique is it’s adaptable to any paper crafts, not just bookmarks, but for birthday cards, scrapbooks and many more. We love how you can get two or even three toned effects really easily too, so this is a great craft for a quick and simple gift.

What is it?

With a few simple straight cuts with a hand cutting knife, the paper or card can be folded upwards and the downward remaining cuts are tucked in, or woven, underneath. This makes the pattern you see in the illustration above.

You Will Need:

Coloured paper or card of choice.
Pencils to sketch the pattern
A scalpel or box cutter knife.
Grid paper for your pattern of choice. See below for our pattern.

Tip: For a child friendly version, scissors work fine. If you are not confident in the child’s ability to use the knife safely, it is best for the supervisor to make the cuts, then allow the child to fold the papers.

How To:

  1. First design your pattern. The simple process requires it to be consistent throughout and the best patterns are often simplest but as you can see from the different attempts at getting the design right, it appears that using graph paper is the quickest way to go and gives more accurate measurements if you want to resize or shape the pattern.
  2. Make sure you have a new blade in your knife as a blunt knife will tear or ‘jag’ the paper. If you are not confident at freehand cutting then use a small steel edged ruler for cutting the straight lines.
  3. Fold the longer lines downwards making sure it is to the edge of the cut, then the little short arrow shapes will be able to be just tucked under the longer ones. The pattern is slightly different when you turn the piece over, so chose which side you want to glue onto the backing card – use glue of choice but stick glue works well.
    Tip: You can actually fold it upwards or downwards as you like, so you can personalise these very easily.
  4. For multi colours. Use 2 sided coloured card or just glue 2 pieces of coloured paper together. Another idea to add a bit of glamour is to add a piece of foil to the back of your piece before gluing it to the background card.
    Added Variation: Adding a few sticky backed pearls or beads would take it up a further notch if you wanted to put it on a greeting card. Of course if children are doing this bookmark – well, you can’t go wrong with going for the glitter or glitter glues to add a bit more ‘sparkle’.
    Tip: If you do have a foil backing (please watch the video for an example), you will need to cut an extra piece of card to glue on for a backing.
  5. Finish the bookmark by making a hole at the bottom for ribbon or a tassel.

This is the basic method for making the bookmarks, but the technique can be used on far more craft projects from greeting cards, scrapbooking, Christmas tree decorations and fundraising tags. This makes the style incredibly variable giving loads of options to adapt it. This makes it a fantastic, simple and quick project to keep up your sleeve.

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