The Spring Garden #3: How to Make the Bonfire

Welcome back to the Spring garden for our third project: the Bonfire. It’s that time of year that we really need to have a bit of a tidy up and who doesn’t love to indulge their inner firebug with a bit of a bonfire.

This is an ideal Project to recycle all the leftover bits of stick from our second project: the Trees.
Our bonfire shows one that is just about finished with a few odd pieces that haven’t quite burnt through. However, you might like to have a fire that is just about to be started and the sticks are in a conical heap ready for the first match.

What you will need.

  1. Dry, crushed tea leaves – for the soil.
  2. Real ash if possible – we used ash from our potbelly stove. Grey painted very fine ground tea leaves could be substituted.
  3. Black paint.
  4. Real wood sticks or pieces of fat skewers roughly broken.
  5. Glue PVA or similar.

How to.

Glue the tea leaves around the edge of the bonfire.
Put a generous amount of glue unevenly onto the fire base and add the ash. Lumpy is good and sprinkle the ash over the top.
Paint one end of your sticks black and glue these onto the ash in a random way.

Hint: using minute amounts of red glitter on the ends of some of the sticks will give a visual impression of wood that is still glowing.

Our Spring garden is really coming along now. Hope you enjoyed creating this exciting dynamic to add to your scene.

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